Trump accidentally Tweeted a picture of his penis

Jesus Christ. I really wish I was not on Twitter today – I really should have been working instead. However, I wasn’t working; I was watching videos of cats and people getting hurt. I love those kinds of videos. My favorite ones are when fat bitches fall – like off a bike or a trampoline.

When I refreshed my Twitter page, I saw one of the most horrifying sights I ever laid my eyes on. I wasn’t sure what it was at first. I thought it was like a carrot or a piece of pencil led. Then I realized what it was. The tweet was a picture of Donald Trump’s penis!

I pretty much puked in my mouth when I realized I was staring at Trump’s very very small penis. After running to the bathroom to  dry heave I went back to my computer screen and laughed like a maniac.

It’s absolutely hilarious. The most powerful man in the world likely has the world’s smallest cock. It’s like the size of a newborns penis! I’m so confused how the man has even gotten bitches pregnant before. I bet the reason why he has had 18 divorces is due to the fact that his cock is the size of a pea.

Trump immediately deleted the tweet minutes after realizing what he did. But the picture made its way across the internet and is rapidly becoming the most trendiest image on the internet. Kim Jong-Un even spoke out about the picture saying, “I thought American’s had big penises?”

I have attached the image below for readers to view. Be prepared to be disgusted, shocked then humored – in that order. I would suggest that women and children not view. You must also be 18 years or older.



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