Justin Bieber killed by a pack of wild whores

Purgatory – Last night Justin Bieber was killed by a pack of wild whores. As he was walking back to his penthouse in Vancouver, a pack of wild whores hunted him down – raping and killing Canada’s finest – Justin Bieber.

According to sources, the pack of wild whores spotted Justin from his gay little haircut – further tracking him from the smell of his Canadian blood. When Justin turned the corner on the road called “Fuck Canadians”, the pack of wild whores made their move – raping Justin to death.

It was a brutal death. There were at least 12 wild whores – each taking their turn raping Justin. By the time the last wild whore had their turn, Justin was holding on by a thread.

A homeless man saw the barley breathing queer lying on the street after the brutal attack. As the bum approached Bieber – he then realized it was the gay little faggot Canadian singer – proceeding to piss and then shit in his mouth.

Doctors are unsure what really killed Bieber. Some say he died from the pack of wild whores raping him to death. Others say Bieber died drowning in shit and piss. Experts speculate that this will be an age old debate – likely to tear families apart when playing trivia games.

Despite the fact we don’t really know how Bieber died, today the world is mourning the death of Canada’s finest. People have been gathering throughout the world – singing some of Justin’s most popular songs such as “Baby”, “Sorry” and “I Love Fat Camel Cocks”.

Teens and pre-teens around the world are sobbing. Anywhere you step into the world you can hear the sob of a teen girl. Even grown men are crying. It is truly a sad day. Rip Canadian Faggot Bieber.


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