Coding Journal: Entry Two

I forgot to add a few key terms in the first entry.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language

Boilerpoint code is the minimum amount to successfully structure a webpage.

That’s it for now. Let’s get back to what we have learned…bitches.


There are six different types of HTML headings:







<h1> is used for the main headings such as titles. Everything else below <h1> or above given the ascending order “above” is for smaller sized headings.

If you wanted a headline on the front of a webpage that said Clown Ass Bitches you would put the following:

<h1>Clown Ass Bitches</h1>


If you want to add a paragraph you used the “paragraph element” <p>

The following is an example of how to use enter a paragraph to your webpage using a “paragraph element”

<p>Clown ass bitches piss me off. They look like clowns and their ass stinks like shit. I would like to take a baseball bat and beat them clown ass bitches in the ground. Fuck them. Fuck them in the ass hard. I will mess you up brah. Don’t fuck with me.</p>

Unordered Lists:

Unordered lists are lists that are not ordered. For an example, if you make a list of people you want to kill – but put the names of the people in no specific order – it’s an unordered list. In HTML an unordered list outlines the list in individual bullet points. To use an unordered list in HTML you can use the <ul> element. To add individual bullet points use the <li> element or  <li>item</li> An example can be seen below







Ordered Lists:

Ordered lists are the opposite of unordered lists – they contain ascending numbers. To insert ordered lists you use the <ol> element followed by the <li> element. For an example:


<li> Cunt</li>






To add a list to the webpage you are building you can add an anchor element called <a>. Then you need to add another anchor element called href – setting the value of href to the url of the webpage you are linking. For an example if you want to add Pornhub you can do the following:

<a href=””>This is a link to Pornhub</a>

That’s all I feel like learning today. My eyes hurt. Peace bitches.


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