The Journal of Coding

I plan to teach myself coding. I think learning the language of computers is a valuable skill set and has a wide scope of what I can do with it. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy learning – and think this will not only be valuable in terms of personal utility but will have long-term benefits for my career and personal development.

I am using codeacademy. It seems pretty straight forward and a valuable program. I have enjoyed it so far – even though I have only been using it for the past hour.

I am going to post on Foul Wall Street, a journal of what I have learned. This will not only be helpful for me – in terms of retaining knowledge – but it could also be beneficial for readers. Likewise, if you want to reach out and chat about coding sometime I would be up for sharing notes and what not.

HTLM & CSS Lesson One

<!DOCTYPE html> should always be the first line of code in any HTML file. This tells the webpage you are developing what type of code you are using.

<html> will contain all of your HTML code. This goes right below the <!DOCTYPE html> – at least that is my understanding – please correct me if I am wrong.

<head> is information about the webpage you are developing. For an example, the title of a blog would go between <head> </head>

Example below:


<title>Fuck Bitches</title>


Adding a title to the webpage is exampled above using: <title> Title Here </title>

Finally adding a body of work to the webpage you need to use <body> </body> or for an example:


<h1> Fuck Bitches In the Pussy </h1>


To end, here is a full build out of the former:

  1. <!DOCTYPE html>
  2. <html>
  3.    <head>
  4.        <title> Fuck Bitches </title>
  5.    </head>
  6.    </html>
  7. <body>
  8.    <h1> Fuck Bitches In The Pussy</h1>
  9. </body>

Oh yeah to end something use a </> or for an example <body> </body>


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