Calling Out Frauds

I really enjoy pissing people off. It’s a neat hobby. It’s like pissing in someone’s cheerios.

What I enjoy more is finding internet frauds who are pump and dumpers. I follow a handful on Twitter. They post the most ridiculous stuff. The people who actually take their advice are pure idiotic – they deserve to get burned!

So why am I calling out frauds in this post? Because I like to piss people off. Duh!

In this post I plan to call out and

You can follow freestockpicks through:

His Twitter handle: @FREESTOCKPICK;

His Facebook page: Facebook

His YouTube: YouTube

And his Instagram: Instagram

I am not sure who owns finestpennystocks but I will find who they are…trust me – just not today…I’m too damn high.

But anyways, here is the fraud I am calling out. and have the same client testimonials. Here is


Here is


Notice how the people have different names in each testimony, yet very similar testimonies.

If you reverse Google Search Michael or Charles, his image will take you to the site Redditch Airport Transfer, providing yet another testimony under the name Mr. Gibson.


His image also pulls to a foreign site called ifarmacia. Here is his testimony on this site.


Translated into English Michael’s statement says, “Michal from Dubnica: “Propecia completely saved me a look that makes me in my profession extremely important. However, it also belongs to mediation services. Well thank you.”

Finally, his image also comes up on as Charles from Chicago – once again – with the same exact saying on – along with Ruth or Gary making another appearance.


I wasn’t able to reverse Google Search the other images with success, but I don’t think I really need too. Both freestockpicks and finestpennystocks are straight up liars. These testimonies are fake! Fuck these guys. They are the scum of online stock promotion. The SEC should crack down on these fuckers and throw them in jail.


One comment

  1. Finest Penny Stocks has taken down his/her website likely from us calling his fraudulent ass out. is still running. We know who you are! Beware!


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