Patrick Bateman


Patrick Bateman is a professional investor, nihilist and an American Serial Killer. In Patrick’s past life he ran a successful long only, value oriented hedge fund, focusing on overlooked securities in the small-cap space. In his past-time, Patrick enjoys reading leather-bound books, drinking aged scotch and decapitating prostitutes.

Albert Fish


Albert Fish, Mr. Fish or Al, is an cannibal, revolutionary and American Serial Killer. Mr. Fish is known for consuming large amounts of alcohol, sadomasochism and taking bountiful amounts of hallucinogenic drugs. In his spare time Albert enjoys the art of urolagina and coprophagia, writing obscene letters to women he doesn’t know and mutilating his victims.

Richard Ramirez (Night Stalker)


Richard Ramirez, better known as the Night Stalker is a burglar, Satanist and an American Serial Killer. Richard enjoys long walks on the beach, the occasional home invasion and creeping silently through the night.  Ramirez joined the Foul Wall Street team in July of 2017 and is the Chief Editor of The Daily Bogus Bulletin.